Feeling overwhelmed?

Would you like to reclaim your time, attention, and imagination?

(even if your mind wandered off while reading this headline)

Do you struggle with time management? 


Of COURSE you do. There is a reason for that: you can't manage time.

You can't manage time but, you can re-imagine it.

You can manage your experience of it.

You can make time matter and I have a really simple way to help you do that.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • It feels like there is more life in you then there is time to live it. There is so much that you need to do that it is hard to get to do those things you want to do.
  • You keep telling yourself you will get to it "someday" but someday is never today. 
  • You often reach the end of the day and wonder "what the hell just happened?"
  • You are exhausted by optimization, bro-ductivity, and the fetishization of busyness, and you want something to help make this "time sickness" feel better.
  • You want to make time matter, for yourself, for your loved ones, for the world.
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You. Are. Not. Alone.

It's not just you. Time has lost its mind. We are collectively suffering from a type of time sickness called "hurry sickness" which is defined as "a continuous struggle and unremitting attempt to accomplish or achieve more and more things or participate in more and more events in less and less time."¹  But here is the thing: hurrying will not help us heal.


Hi, I'm Jeanne


I have struggled with hurry sickness for most of my life. And because of that, I am obsessed with time and its many manifestations. Throughout my life, this obsession has taken many forms---from working as an archaeologist, to helping people connect to and preserve places and spaces from the past, to owning a frankly embarrassing amount of calendars, timers, and planners.

As I sought to gain a better understanding of time, it became clear that I wasn't alone: we all want more time from our time. We all want our time to matter.

Yet, wanting more from your time and getting more from your time are two different things. I confess that for most of my life, I confused being busy with making the most of my time. Then, on February 19, 2021, everything changed.

Eleven Minutes That Changed My Life

Like many people, I was captivated by the landing of the Mars Perseverance Rover on February 18, 2021.

While watching the livestream, I discovered that (based on the position of the planets at that time) it took eleven minutes for a radio signal to travel from Mars to Earth. This seemed so unreal, so impossibly possible.

Quite honestly, I wanted to open my window and shout out:



It also got me thinking… what else might it be possible to accomplish in that amount of time?

I decided to bring a group of people together each day — for 11 days — to re-imagine a little increment of time. And thus was born a grand experiment that invites people to re-imagine their relationship with time and attention in 11-minute increments and in doing so, transform their experience of time.

Doing so helped me realize that managing time is not nearly as powerful as RE-IMAGINING it.

Because all of the productivity tools, habits, and practices to manage time don’t matter if you don’t understand your experience of — and your relationship with — time. And it doesn’t matter if you’re productive, if you don't give a f**k about what it is you are producing.

Whether you have tiny tasks, tremendous ideas, un-played musical instruments, mountains of manuscripts, piles of papers that need to be tamed, poems stuck in your pen, or you just want to spend eleven minutes looking at the sky, there is so much that is possible in 11 minutes.


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Here is how 11M2M has helped others...

"Embark on a fun, friendly way of embracing productivity in bite-size sessions. It’s a time to get stuff done that is too daunting or you’ve been procrastinating within a supportive community that is encouraging during the process. And this time is flexible so you can have a time to chill, meditate, or...

- Lisa H.

"11M2M is a great way to make progress on that one thing that you have been wanting to do for years but have been waiting to "have time" to to. 11M2M is a great way to break through that cycle of busy and create time for what matters to you in a way that is fun, light, and fits into your already busy schedule"

- Erica M.

"The single biggest benefit to me is how the time of day, the framework, ideal cohort, and facilitator’s skills all come together in a most magical way to uplift my mornings with a surge of energy, a boost to my mood, and a celebration of accomplishment. The many small wins have added up to be a monumental mindset shift."

- Kirsten A.
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The M.A.R.S. Method for

Time that Matters™️

(aka Timefulness)

Are you ready to get more intention from your attention?

This eleven-day, live, interactive course will teach you the art and practice of timefulness.

Video Poster Image

A "real" time event for connecting with others and creating time that matters.

  • We meet once a day (via Zoom), every day, for eleven days. Each meeting is about one hour. Our meeting is at 11:00 CT (UTC-6).
  • It is a live, synchronous, interactive event. It is not recorded.
  • The group is eleven people or fewer.
  • During each session, we begin with an introduction to a Time Re-imaginement Tool or Method, then using the M.A.R.S. Method, embark on our missions.

Make a Declaration

Decide what task, project, or activity you are going to devote your time to then declare it out loud or internally. Doing so will focus your attention on what you’re doing and allow you to be fully present.

Attend to What You Are Doing

 When you are fully present and attend to what you are doing, your experience of time — and of the activity itself — becomes much more meaningful and satisfying.

Reflect on the Experience

Take time to reflect on what you have just done and how you have spent your time. Doing so will allow you to acknowledge that you have spent time in a meaningful way.

Set An Intention and Apply What You Have Learned

We can shape or direct how we hope to spend our time by setting intentions. This is one of the most powerful ways to transform your experience of time and make time matter.

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To make time matter requires three ingredients: time, attention, and imagination.


The M.A.R.S. Method for Time that Matters™️ brings together those three elements to transform how we experience time. It is a delightfully simple method that will help you align your relationship with time and attention and, in doing so, discover a world of new possibilities.

The M.A.R.S. Method will help you:

  • Reclaim your attention. Attention is the source material of our lives. If we change the quality of our attention, we change the quality of our lives.
  • You can't make time, you can't save it, you can only spend it. You can never get more hours in the day, no matter how efficient you are, but you can make time matter. 
  • You can make time matter by aligning your intention and attention so that you can spend your time wisely in a way that is meaningful to you.
  • When you spend time in a way that is meaningful to you, a world of possibility appears. 
  • Dwelling in this world of possibility---where imagination, attention, and intention are aligned is what we call timefulness.
  • Timefulness enables us to live with a sense of presence, meaning, purpose, and possibility.
  • If you join Eleven Minutes to Mars, you get 121 minutes of time to spend in a way that is meaningful to you.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Eleven Minutes to Mars will help you get more intention from your attention.

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Imagine if you could...

  • Claim eleven minutes a day, every day for what matters o you.
  • More readily find your flow state---that magical way of being where effort feels effortless.
  • Experience the art and practice of timefulness and make time for your life.
Yes! I want to experience timefulness!

Why Eleven Minutes?

As it turns out, eleven minutes of time is an incredible increment to experiment, explore, and discover how much or how little you can do (or not do); and transform your experience of time in the process.

Why Eleven Days

Because building new habits and practices into our life is challenging. Doing one eleven-minute mission every day for eleven days gives you enough momentum so you can maintain the practice once the mission ends.

Why Eleven People?

There is something magical about the small group. Our own wisdom is enriched and enhanced by the group. It is a chance to be supported, accountable, and inspired in a safe, kind, and welcoming environment.

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What's Included in

Eleven Minutes to Mars...

We start each mission with an introduction to a Time Re-imaginement Tool, then we will embark on an eleven-minute mission, where you decide what you are going to do, and do it. In addition to the live course, you will also get access to our resource library, office hours, community events, and special missions and challenges.

11 Live & Interactive Sessions

Once a day, every day for eleven days. Each meeting is about an hour. These live, interactive sessions are where the magic happens.

The HOP Office Hours

The Hour of Power (aka the HOP) is where you can put the M.A.R.S. to the test in our virtual co-working space.

121 minutes to focus on what matters

One mission a day, every day for eleven days = 121 minutes to focus on what matters to you.

11  Time Re-imaginement Tools

We have eleven amazing methods to help you re-imagine your relationship with time, attention, and imagination.



Pre-launch reflection and checklist.

Everything you need for a successful mission. In our introductory module, we will orient you to all the things you need to know to be ready to join the first Mission on Day 1. This will include a tour of the course platform and support materials. This will not be a live module.


Meet the M.A.R.S. Method for Time that Matters

During our first mission, you will meet the other members of your crew and embark on your first mission. We will provide an overview of the course, a short history of 11M2M, and introduce the M.A.R.S. Method. Following a short brainstorm on possible missions, we will embark on our first mission, and then reflect on the experience.


Signal, Noise, Search Images, and the Power of Focusing Your Attention

During our second mission, we will discuss different ways to focus our attention and why that matters when embarking on a mission and in life.

During our second mission we will talk about different ways to focus our attention and why that matters when embarking on a mission.


Crushing the Myth of Multi-tasking and Tapping into Your Single-Tasking Super Power.

During our third mission, we will tackle the corrosive myth of multi-tasking, touch on recent studies that show its deleterious effects, and talk about serial-tasking as a way to address the multiple demands on our attention.


“M” is for Motivation (and Mars). Understanding the mysterious and sometimes elusive power of motivation

In Mission Four, we will discover what motivates us, what doesn’t, and how to frame our missions for maximum effect.


When The Going Gets Tough. Using Implementation Intentions to Leverage Motivation

Mission Five will focus on the simple structure of implementation intentions (if X then Y) as a way to anticipate and address unforeseen circumstances, challenging situations, or waning motivations.


Using the Power of Storytelling as a Sensemaking Tool

Today’s lesson will focus on the Story Spine as a way of using storytelling as a sensemaking tool. We will discover the power of stories to help us to connect events, extract meaning from them, and, in doing so, create a cohesive story of our experiences.


That’s So Meta. Thinking About Thinking (and Reflection)

Today we start the “because” and “so that” missions. We dig into the power of thinking about thinking and what actionable insights we can harvest from intentionally reflecting on our experience.


Running Rings Around Saturn: Understanding Circles of Solvability

Today we look at the concept of "Circles of Solvability" and use that as a frame to consider when choosing our missions and reflecting on the experience afterward.


The Slowductivity (Aka Slow Productivity) Time Machine

Today we look at the Slow Work movement and experiment with how applying different time lenses to our missions changes what we might choose to do.

DAY 10

The Power of Nothing

We look at the generative power of doing nothing as a way to give our heads, hearts, and minds space to breathe, dream and discover.

DAY 11

Begin With the End in Mind

We embark on our final mission, reflect on what was learned, and create steps for what’s next.


Post-Mission Checklist & Reflection

In this last and final module, participants will reflect on their experience, take the final assessment, and complete their mini-time capsule/write a letter to their future self about what they want to keep and remember from the course. 

Eleven Minutes to Mars is already packed with content. Join our next mission and get the following bonuses:


The Tell Well: Storytelling for Transformation

Learn to Tell Your Story and Tell it Well. In this live 90-minute workshop, we will explore storytelling as a way making sense of the world, re-imagining what is possible, and in doing so,  transforming our experience. In other words: change your story, change your life. This bonus includes: access to the workshop, course workbook, resource guide, and a chance to perform at our live, virtual show.


Creating a Library of Possibilities

Have a decision to make and aren't sure what to do? Want to make the decision-making process less daunting, maybe even delightful? Creating A Library of Possibilities for an innovative, engaging way to connect to the abundance of possibilities nested in the choices we make.  This bonus includes: access to the workshop, course workbook, and the resource guide.

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Eleven Minutes to Mars is For You If...

  • You feel overwhelmed or have hurry sickness
  • Your attention feels fragmented
  • You want to feel more present and connected to your life
  • You want to change your own life and the lives of others
  • You want to make time matter


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What's the Story with the Space Rabbits?

The illustrations for this website were created in collaboration with Mid-Journey an AI image generator. The significance of the rabbit hearkens back to The White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. When the book was first published in 1865, industrialization was pushing more and more places to establish a standardized time and more and more people had their own time keeping devices. The White Rabbit wears a waistcoat, and carries a pocket watch and exlcaims,  "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!". It could be argued that the famed rabbit, like so many of us, was also suffering from hurry sickness.